Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Database corruption
Author Trinidad Miravet
Thanks to Alan and you for your responses. I think I already have FW On, anyway I will check it again, I have reinstalled recently the server and perhaps I forgot to set it.

About UDFs, I am not using.

And just one more question, I have read in another mail something about FB local atachments are not threadsafe. In may case I have a client application running in the same PC as the server. This is a multithread application, and all threads use the same connection object. Could this be the origin of my problems?

Thanks again,


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Subject: [firebird-support] Re: Database corruption

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> NETPLCGRADER (Server) Wed Jan 21 06:44:34 2004
> internal gds software consistency check (cannot find record back
> (291))

Usually - server crash during garbage collection. As Alan said, FW
ON should help.

> Is it normal the two entries 'Guardian starting ...'??

If server crashed, Guardian restarted him. It is normal. Crash
itself - not. Check UDFs you use, usually critical exception in UDF is
the reason for server crash.

> Some days before there is also an error entry in the log:
> read errno = 10054. Could this have something to do with the

No. Client machine lost connection - 3 buttons salute and so on.

> 'Relation has 403 orphan backversions (48 in use) in table
> 'Chain for record 40 is broken in table ALARMS (135)'
> 'Data page 1831 (sequence 2) is confused in table ALARMS (135)'
> 'Page 1831 is an orphan'

Made by gfix during validation.

> Just another question, is there any special datum in database
> that could tell me that something is not OK?

Restorability of gbk is most reliable check.

Best regards,

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