Subject Re: connection problems with RedHat v. 9
Author Peppe Polpo
--- In, Helen Borrie <helebor@t...>

> You need to provide a path for the output file that is in a
directory that you have permissions to write to.

I connect as root, so I have the permission to write everywhere

> Note also that Superserver does not permit a local connection that
doesn't use the network protocol. Did you apply the "localhost:"
prefix to your path in SSH as well?

I don't get this.

Where should I enter the prefix ?

> The start time differences suggest that ibserver has been
terminated at some point (possibly a lot of times) and the last time
guardian restarted it was nearly 8 hours after the initial start.

this is a worse scenario than the one I had imagined

> Check that:
> -- the server's hostname and IP address are properly identified in
> /etc/hosts ...


>...and also verify that you don't have some other process in the
network that is messing with network addresses

gulp. How do I do that ?

> -- the server's hostname and IP address are properly identified in
the HOSTS file of your Windows clients


> -- your Windows clients are using the proper versions of the
Firebird client library and isql. If you are using WISQL I am

>This is an IB 5 utility and it would be no surprise if it crashes
when mixed with the wrong versions of isql, client, etc.

I'll use a different tool for a few days

> Try to simplify your connection tests. Start by pinging the server.

this works ok.

> Then just try to connect to a database without "doing something" as


I'll follow your guidelines and be back

Best regards

Peppe Polpo