Subject RE: [firebird-support] Architecture Question and Helens Book
Author Alan McDonald
> Can anyone suggest or point me in the right direction (URL preferably
> or book, Helens when its released no doubt).
> I want to set up a Client/Server system. At the moment my idea is that
> the database will reside upon the server and a service application (I
> have written) will deal with all transactions.
> On the client side is the GUI and this will make requests to the
> Server and results will be streamed back as objects.
> In this way the server side objects can manage the concurrency and
> security issues etc. All communication being object based and all SQL
> on the server side.
> I envisage there will be upto 10 clients and 1 Server.
> I am not sure if the above is the right way to go. But I do know the
> Database on the server could get quite large over a period of months.
> Or does Firebird provide all I need for this management and all I have
> to do is talk to it via SQL over the network?
> I know its a big scope question but any help is appreciated.
> Thanks
> Luke

Nothing stopping you from doing what you suggest but it may be overkill for
10 clients and 1 server. Maybe think this idea out when you get over 30
clients so you can install, test and run when the numbers get to 60+
For the moment, on a LAN 10 users and 1 Server - think straight SQL - get a
good set of connection components e.g. IBO, and just go for it.