Subject Re: [firebird-support] Architecture Question and Helens Book
Author Svilen Stefanov
Hi Luke,

Now I am writting something familiar. My middle-tier is SOAP WebService with connection to the FireBird. The WebService implements few methods which deal with some stored procedures on the FireBird server. The result of some "select" procedures is translated into XML (good compression and easy to crypt).
It is working perfectly with dbExpress(interbase driver) for now. Even more , I recompiled on Kylix 3 with no errors. I guess that in the future will be some problems becouse of the interbase driver, but if they are unresolvable I'll byu InterXpress for FireBird (driver for dbExpress).
It think won't have big problems and FireBird is ideal for such a task.
Good luck - Svilen

***When is the book going to be published? and congratulations Helen***

Can anyone suggest or point me in the right direction (URL preferably
or book, Helens when its released no doubt).

I want to set up a Client/Server system. At the moment my idea is that
the database will reside upon the server and a service application (I
have written) will deal with all transactions.

On the client side is the GUI and this will make requests to the
Server and results will be streamed back as objects.

In this way the server side objects can manage the concurrency and
security issues etc. All communication being object based and all SQL
on the server side.

I envisage there will be upto 10 clients and 1 Server.

I am not sure if the above is the right way to go. But I do know the
Database on the server could get quite large over a period of months.

Or does Firebird provide all I need for this management and all I have
to do is talk to it via SQL over the network?

I know its a big scope question but any help is appreciated.



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