Subject Re: [firebird-support] Reporting Tools?
Author Alex Taylor
Yes, as Jim wrote it is a good idea to visit the FR website at There is a good explanation of the features. But
some of my favorites:

- very good and user friendly designer
- high-end preview window with capability of editing the prepared
report (of course also by the end user)
- built-in pascal-like scripting language that is available everywhere
in the report providing great flexibility of solving every reporting needs
- unlimited subreports
- dialog form support: you can place components on these forms and they
will be stored in the report file (not in the application) and this way
You can build bussiness-logic into the report (query parameters,
visibility of report objects, etc..)
- data access layer in the report file (on dialog forms), instead of the
application level (of course you can choose between application level
and report level data access)
- You get the FULL source, so You can modify it depending on your needs
(for example I developed a component based on FR that can convert its
pages to APRO's apf format and send them by fax)
- very fast prepare
- very flexible column-based reports
- easy extending: You can write your own functions and dialog form
- etc..

The full version is $100, but it is no fee for this product! It's worth.

Regards: Alex