Subject RE: [firebird-support] Reporting Tools?
Author Donald Klopper
Oh yes they can create subreports (in one final preview / print);

That is if I understand your "subreports" correctly. You create completely
distinct reports with QR, then prepare each one and add it to the
QRCompositeReport list, then preview the QRCompositeReport, not the distinct
original reports.

IMHO a gr8 idea, however the implementation is lacking, I do use it on some
of my reports, however I do listen up when people speak of fairly priced
alternatives (I went the road of doing my own Canvas drawing before, I'm not
particularly partial to that amount of work, except in virtual screen
captures, but that's another story)

Yeah; the web server reports is another story; you can export QR to HTML,
but that does not even come close to what I accept as a web report (with
hyperlinks etc). Thus then I use TPageProducer etc to generate HTML

Donald Klopper

As from kokok_kokok [kokok_kokok@...]:

> I use QuickReport + QRDesign and I think that it is a very good
> solution. They are no free (QuickReport and QRDesign sources) , but
> are very cheap. Compared with the development cost of a program, they
> cost zero.
> The only problem for me is that they cannot create subreports into a
> page of the main report.
> Also, they are not prepared for a report Web server.