Subject fbserver, fbguard disapears!!
Author Jiri Hoffmayer

I have a very strange problem with FB 1.5 RC7!! Installed from the
appropriate zip archive I use the provided files install_super.bat,
uninstall.bat when needed. Most of the time firebird is running as a service
(WinXP Pro).

Now it is the third time it happened that the service didn't launch after
restart and guess why? The exe files fbserver.exe and fbguard.exe are
suddenly missing in the firebird bin directory!!!! The services are still in
the list of services, but can't be launched because of that.

All the other files are there, I don't experience any problem with another
services also there is a little chance of a virus on my computer (tested
with antivir, also no other suspicious behaviour ... ). Untill now I also
didn't realize how to repeat this intentionally.

Those two files simply disappear! Any idea what could be the problem?

Thank you