Subject Jaybird, charset, openoffice (worng forum?)
Author Henrik Sitter
Hi, this might be the wrong forum to ask this question. If so I'm sorry.

Anyway I have an application where I use OpenOffice as front end to the
database (firebird). I use the jdbc JayBird Driver, and I use StarBasic
as programming language. I created the database with charset ISO8859_1.
I have some code like this:

Dim dbInfoData(3) As New

dbInfoData(0).Name = "user"
dbInfoData(0).Value = "SYSDBA"
dbInfoData(1).Name = "password"
dbInfoData(1).Value = "henrikhenrik"
dbInfoData(2).Name = "JavaDriverClass"
dbInfoData(2).Value = "org.firebirdsql.jdbc.FBDriver"
dbInfoData(3).Name = "charset"
dbInfoData(3).Value = "ISO-8859-1" 'Have also tried ISO_8859_1,
ISO8859_1, ISO88591 etc.

oConnection =
:/Test/Test.fdb", dbInfoData())

This connects and there are no problems with ascii characters, but
"foreign" characters throws an exception. Any help is much appreciated.


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