Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Possible bug in RC8 -Finding out size of database through code from client

Thanks All good suggestions.

My scenario is I am distributing a low cost app widely. So I don't know what the user will install it on. So I am being safe by restricting file sizes to GB.

I am pre allocating ten files :-). But looking towards the future I am worrying about the 20GB limit. Right now it is not a problem but after users are using my app for some time this may be a problem. So trying to preempt the whole thing.

Script suggestion is nice. Let me see maybe it's not a firebird bug. It is a mental block that I have :-}


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Date : 14/01/2004 4:06:53 PM
Subject : [firebird-support] Re: Possible bug in RC8 -Finding out size of database through code from client

Why do you need to add new files? 1.0 and above support files
larger that 2gb (on platforms that support it).

Also you can pre-allocate secondary files without backing up and
restoring, by using ALTER DATABASE I believe. They will take up
negligable space until the database requires them. So you could pre-
allocate 10 secondary files giving you a safe size of 20GB.

Alternatively, you could run an app/script on the server which
checked the file size of the database files and use this information.

Ian Newby

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