Subject Re: [firebird-support] Fb1.5 RC7 CS: Pointer page vanished from DPM_next (249);
Author Marco Wobben
Hi Ann,

I've tried running RC8 (still CS architecture) and the failure is at the
exact same point in the gbak procedure with the exact same failure. I'll
try a different machine in the next few days and make sure it isn't the
hardware. Have you come up with anything yet (already)?

To change the environment somewhat I've changed the following without
effect in this test. I've created the same table but this time without
the primary key definition. The generator was still used, but my though
was to add a unique index after the data migration, when all would be
well. It appeared futile, but it made sure it wasn't any indexing stuff.

Marco Wobben.

Ann Harrison wrote:

> Let me try to reproduce the error based on your specifications. Do you
> put any particular data in the table when you load it - other than the
> not null fields, of course?
> Regards,
> Ann