Subject Re: limit on number tables in from sentence?
Author emisutil
--- In, Helen Borrie <helebor@t...>
> At 06:04 PM 9/01/2004 +0000, you wrote:
> >I use a sentence like this:
> >from A
> >left outer join B on (A.ID=B.ID)
> >left outer join C on (A.ID=C.ID)
> >left outer join D on (A.ID=D.ID)
> >left outer join E on (A.ID=E.ID)
> >left outer join F on (A.ID=F.ID)
> >left outer join G on (A.ID=G.ID)
> >left outer join H on (A.ID=H.ID)
> >left outer join I on (A.ID=I.ID)
> >left outer join J on (A.ID=J.ID)
> >left outer join K on (A.ID=K.ID)
> >left outer join L on (A.ID=L.ID)
> >left outer join M on (A.ID=M.ID)
> >left outer join N on (A.ID=N.ID)
> >left outer join O on (A.ID=O.ID)
> >left outer join P on (A.ID=P.ID)
> >left outer join Q on (A.ID=Q.ID)
> >
> >and the error I get (from EMS ibManager):
> >This column cannot be updated because it is derived from an SQL
> >function or expression.
> >attempted update of read-only column.
> >
> >If i put one less table I dont get the error
> Well, the server is giving an error of *some* sort, but you
apparently have
> the wrong message file. Find the xxxxx.msg that belongs to your server
> installation and rename any others, or move them out of your path. The
> correct file needs to be located where the client or the server is
> for it.
> xxxxx = 'firebird' for v.1.5, 'interbase' for v.1.0
> If you are on a remote client, you might be using a wrong client and
> message setup.
> /heLen

I have checked the .msg file and I think it´s ok. I have also updated
my firebird from version 1.0.0 to version 1.0.3 (my linux is not
prepared for de 1.5 version). And I get the same problem.
When I try to use more than 16 tables like the example above I get the