Subject Re: limit on number tables in from sentence?
Author emisutil
--- In, Helen Borrie <helebor@t...>

> Well, the server is giving an error of *some* sort, but you
apparently have
> the wrong message file. Find the xxxxx.msg that belongs to your server
> installation and rename any others, or move them out of your path. The
> correct file needs to be located where the client or the server is
> for it.
> xxxxx = 'firebird' for v.1.5, 'interbase' for v.1.0
> If you are on a remote client, you might be using a wrong client and
> message setup.
> /heLen

I´m using a remote client (EMS IB Manager) it´s possible that I have a
wrong xxxx.msg, but what do yoy think about that with less than 16
tables I dont get any error and with more than 16 tables I get an error?

I´ll try to get the correct msg file to see If i get a diferent
message error,