Subject UDF weekofyear
Author arnorog

I'm using FB 1.5 latest cr and FreeUDFLib, WIN32 platform.

The function WeekOfYear returns the weeknumber according to
International(American?) standard (Sunday first day of week), e.g.
according to WeekOfYear last year (2003) contains 53 weeks and today
(12 jan 2004) is week 2.

According to European rules (Monday first day of week), last year
cantains only 52 weeks and today (12 jan 2004) is week 3.

The UDF-library rfunc has a function called DateToStr(d, %W) which
calculates the week based upon Monday first day of week, but
unfortunately return a string instead of a smallint.

Is there a good UDF library which can calculate the 'correct'

Thanks in advance,

Arno Rog