Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: RC8 and IBXAdmin troubles
Author Olivier Mascia

On Mon, 12 Jan 2004 22:03:23 +1100,
Alan McDonald wrote :

> I've just this week rebiult my main dev machine (HD crash). I placed the
> fbclient client (name changed to gds32.dll into the system32 dir and the IBX
> admin components did NOT show up, I then placed this fbclient into my app
> dir and copied an old gds32.dll into the system 32 dir and the components
> reappeared.
> Version of client will NOT show IBX admin components
> Version of the client WILL show them.

Yes, but your confusing some things.
IBX *needs* the client library named gds32.dll. Point.
If you re-install a machine and only provide fbclient.dll, you can put
it whereever you want, IBX won't work.
It needs gds32.dll.

So just install (RC8) from scratch, no gds32.dll, no fbclient.dll
Then just use instclient.exe from your installation point bin
subfolder, and run :

instclient install gds32

That will drop a suitable (RC8) gds32.dll to your Windows system
directory and IBX *will* work.

Comparing using GDS32.DLL from an old RC or from FB 1.0 with only
using FBCLIENT.DLL will of course show your above results. IBX loads
or links to GDS32.DLL only.

That's why Firebird still offer installing a client library named
GDS32.DLL. For compatibility with tools only designed for InterBase or
Firebird 1.0 which expect the client library to be named GDS32.DLL.

Things can be a bit more confuse if you test also with previous
Release Candidates of FB 1.5 because for some time, the GDS32.DLL was
a stub library that required FBCLIENT.DLL to be accessible too.

With RC8, you can let your applications or tools work with
FBCLIENT.DLL (preferred) or with GDS32.DLL (if you have no other
choice - like with IBX).

Said differently, the fact that the RC8 ZIP download does not provide
a GDS32.DLL in the zip does not mean that you don't need one. If you
need one, and you do need one using IBX, install it using
instclient.exe. The GUI installer offers you the same service during

Generally speaking, re-installing over a previous beta or release
candidate is something quite undefined. Installers are designed and
built primarily for users that will have to upgrade from IB/FB 1.0 to
FB 1.5 or for clean initial installs. Installing over previous beta
and RC of FB 1.5 itself is better done by properly hand removing all
bits of previous beta/RC.

Best Regards,
Olivier Mascia