Subject RE: [firebird-support] Re: RC8 and IBXAdmin troubles
Author Alan McDonald
> I've double checked and the IBX admin components show up for me in Delphi
> 6. IBX (or at least the version I have - it is about a year old) doesn't
> check the version of gds32.dll. It checks for the availability of api
> entry points and uses that to determine which features of the server are
> available.
> Maybe this has changed in 6.0.8? You should be able to check the source
> easily enough - do a search on LoadLibrary and look for the code around
> it.
> Paul

I've just this week rebiult my main dev machine (HD crash). I placed the
fbclient client (name changed to gds32.dll into the system32 dir and the IBX
admin components did NOT show up, I then placed this fbclient into my app
dir and copied an old gds32.dll into the system 32 dir and the components
Version of client will NOT show IBX admin components
Version of the client WILL show them.