Subject Re: [firebird-support] Is Firebird a hoax?
Author Daniel Rail

At January 9, 2004, 10:05, Salvatore Besso wrote:

>> I meant HT and SMP support on Windows for SS. CS works
>> on those platforms

> Strange, I have noticed in the bios of my mainboard (Asus P4P800) that
> hyperthreading is enabled, but SS RC8 works fine, as I said in my
> previous message.

The default setting for FB 1.5 SS is to use the first CPU(or virtual
CPU). So, you don't have to configure that setting. When I mean HT and
SMP support for FB 1.5 SS doesn't work properly(performance wise), is
changing the CPUAffinity setting for FB 1.5 SS, so that it uses all
CPUs/virtual CPUs available on the system. When setting the
CPUAffinity to only use one CPU, you shouldn't encounter any
performance problems.

> Effectively the task manager of Windows 2000 reports 2 cpu's, even if
> I have only one, but since I don't even know what HT is, I have left
> the bios default value. Is it worth to leave HT enabled or do you
> advice that it's better to disable it?

If you don't encounter severe performance problems, then you can keep
it enabled.

> But what exactly is HT?


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