Subject Synchronization Help
Author Muthu

I am new to Firebird. I am little confused here and need help.

I created a database file xyz thro IBExpert data admin tool and
inserted some data.

Then thro JDBC driver I accessed the same db from Eclipse, here also
I inserted some data in the same table.

Again thro MS Access, using ODBC I linked the same database and got
all the tables linked.Here also I inserted some data.

The problem is each showing their own data only. I am not able to
view the synchoronized data. I mean whatever I insert in IBExpert I
cannot see in Eclipse or Access.

So I feel that the server is maintaining each connection as each
client and provide their own data for viewing and manipulation.

If it is the case how can I synchronize the data everywhere.

And also how can I view what is in DB Server.

Thanks and Regards,

Muthu Annamalai