Subject Re: [firebird-support] Is Firebird a hoax?
Author Daniel Rail

At January 8, 2004, 18:31, chiaraprc wrote:
> The only stable release of Firebird, (1.03) is pratically
> inusable on newest PC's, HT is not supported,

True for the superserver version on Windows. Apparently it runs quite
smoothly on Linux.

> W2k3 is
> not supported,

Some users have recently demonstrated that it works, but some settings
have to be changed in Win2003(namely disk shadowing).

> latest XP are not supported,

It works if you disable the system restore option in WinXP.

> W2k SP4
> are not supported,

I can't comment here, because I went from FB 1.0 directly to FB 1.5

> ODBC are inusable,

Which one have you tried? There are several ODBC drivers that exists.

> i need to install
> windows95 on my old Pentium to use Firebird???

Actually, it's preferable to use Windows 98 and up.

> I toke a look at Firebird 1.5
> is it a real release??

I have multiple clients using it in production(medical application,
shipping coordination and other applications)

> the rc8 seem to introduce more bug
> the any other previous relase since 1976: a serious security bug,

I can't argue that there is some security issues, but none that are
serious enough that can't be taken care of by other means.

> a computed fields bug,

FB 1.5 is still in RC stage, so bugs can happen and are being fixed.
This bug probably occurred when correcting another one.

> an installer bug,

FB 1.5 has a new installer, that's the reason why you are seeing bug
reports in regards to it.

> the 1.5 are in this state since a year, (as stated in developer ng)

True, but you got to also notice that Firebird is an open-source
project and almost all the developers are volunteers. There are only
a few that are sponsored to do some development.

> but all are "exiting" building FB2, is Firebird a lab for gurus? or
> it is a product?

It's a product and I find it more stable than Interbase.

> Is Firebird a choice today?

It is a choice.

> or I need to search some thing more reliable? When we can aspect a
> runnable Firebird?

As I stated before, my company uses it in production for ourselves and
our clients. And, I'm sure some others on this list can say the same
about their experience and usage of Firebird.

And, as someone else pointed out, nobody is forcing you to use
Firebird and you are free to choose the RDBMS of your choice.

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