Subject Re: Is Firebird a hoax?
Author Ali
is there anybody forces you to use FB ?!
we are all, happy with current FB and developers.
go and use mysql, if u like jokes about RDBMS
or buy a commercial product to say whatever you want.

No regards.


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<chiaraprc@y...> wrote:
> Hi all,
> Some weeks ago a friend of mine told me about
> Firebird, so I am testing it in my lab, I am reading
> some "exiting" news on ibphoenix or on
> but I am a little confused:
> The only stable release of Firebird, (1.03) is pratically
> inusable on newest PC's, HT is not supported, W2k3 is
> not supported, latest XP are not supported, W2k SP4
> are not supported, ODBC are inusable, i need to install
> windows95 on my old Pentium to use Firebird???
> I toke a look at Firebird 1.5
> is it a real release?? the rc8 seem to introduce more bug
> the any other previous relase since 1976: a serious
> security bug, a computed fields bug, an installer bug,
> the 1.5 are in this state since a year, (as stated in
> developer ng) but all are "exiting" building FB2, is
> Firebird a lab for gurus? or it is a product? Is Firebird
> a choice today? or I need to search some thing more reliable?
> When we can aspect a runnable Firebird? As in
> "relational database for the new millenium" starting from 2000?
> Best Regards
> Chiara Percioli
> Software Architect