Subject Raw Sockets Access Under W2k and Windows 2003 Server
Author Marco Lauria
I encountered the known problem under w2k post sp4 and 2003 Server of
the "Raw Sockets Access".
My problem is that even if I run the service from a "Local
Administrator" Account,
Randomly the service can't start and in the log file I see the usual
message telling
That "An attempt was made to access a socket in a way forbidden by its
access permissions"
accessing "servername".
Can someone give the official solution issued by the firebird team?
I am using the RC8 of FB 1.5 but I have been having this version with FB
1.02 too.
Under W2k I solved running from the console instead that using the
service installation,
But using FB 1.5 I have the same problem.
P.S. the server is a domain controller