Subject Re[4]: [firebird-support] Database Security
Author Nando Dessena

BB> I would rather see FB 1.5 Firebird solid rock , and when is any chance for
BB> oridinary user to modify security.fdb like Adriano dos Santos Fernandes said
BB> (see Adriano email from devel list) - it MUST be fixed before final release.

that is a bug that should be fixed. I agree. I haven't quoted that
part of your email, actually.

BB> MD5 password is just a 5 minutes "cosmetic add" - it's natural course of
BB> events for anybody who works with linux passwords.

this is a feature request. See the difference? :-)
At RC stage only regression bug fixing is allowed. Nothing prevents a
1.5.1 release to be put out next week wuth your 5 minute "cosmetic
add", AFAICT.

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