Subject Re: Re[2]: [firebird-support] Database Security
Author Boguslaw Brandys
> Boguslaw,
> BB> Why not just add new option to firebird.conf
> I would rather like to see v1.5 released ASAP instead.
> Furthermore, I think that a comprehensive solution needs more thinking
> than we are allowed to do at RC8 stage; your proposal is not worth very
> much anyway given the current security holes in Firebird.
> Ciao
> --
> Nando mailto:nandod@...


I would rather see FB 1.5 Firebird solid rock , and when is any chance for
oridinary user to modify security.fdb like Adriano dos Santos Fernandes said
(see Adriano email from devel list) - it MUST be fixed before final release.
MD5 password is just a 5 minutes "cosmetic add" - it's natural course of
events for anybody who works with linux passwords.

Please continue on devel list following Adriano email, as it become