Subject Firebird Server (Service Startup)
Author Andre du Plessis
I need some help please with the startup of Firebird Server running as a
service on the windows platform.
The problem is that I have other services which are dependent on the
firebird service, It has a dependency to
The Firebird server, Previously I added the dependency on the Firebird
guardian, but realized that that is not a good idea because
At the point which the guardian is started then only does the guardian start
the firebird server so at this point the firebird server
Has not initialized yet, so I moved the dependency to Firebird Server, this
should be correct not so?, but it appears that the firebird
Service is not completely initialized/started after the Start service
control request was sent to it and processed, because my service
Tries to query the database too soon, and I keep on getting funny errors and
have to restart my service. The first error that jumps to mind is
"Cannot change isolation when started" I have no idea why this is one of
the errors.

My question is that if this is actually a problem, then how can I from my
service wait for the firebird service to completely initialize,
Or at lease make sure that it is initialize, maybe there is a function in
the gds32.dll that is like a WaitForServerInitialization or something.

Thank you.

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