Subject Re: cannot connect to a restored database
Author flpratt
--- In, "Thomas von Stetten"
<tvstetten@t...> wrote:
> Nando,
> >...Can I fix the ownerships by updating RDB$RELATIONS?
> Yes, you can. But you have to update more than the RDB$RELATIONS
table! I
> found two articles about that a few weeks ago and the solution
worked fine -
> for me (using IB6.0.2).
> Type <interbase owner change> at and read the first
_two_ links
> from the same domain. (I don't know if it's allowed to post
foreign links
> here - so I decided to tell you how to search).
> BTW when restoring a database the current (db-)user becomes the
owner of all
> systemtables (RDB$*). For all the other tables, views,... the
owner is
> restored from the gbk-file.
> regards
> Thomas

Thanks Thomas!
I did check all of the other system tables for an 'owner' column
and updated them also.