Subject Behavior of exists (fb1.0)
Author Valdir Stiebe Junior
I'm only posting this because maybe can be useful to someone.
I'm using FB1.0 WinXP.
If you use a code like this

if exists(select * from my_stored_procedure(:param))

You have to be careful with the suspends that the stored procedure will do
because if any suspend is done, then the exists will result TRUE even if all
fields of the row 'suspended' is null.
The only way i got a FALSE was NOT 'suspending' any row (in my case, using exit
if all fields are null).

I've only tested with FB1.0.... if anyone can test this with 1.5 please post the

Now a question.
Suspend a row with all fields null isn't a wrong behavior? FB shouldn't ignore
this suspend??