Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: cannot connect to a restored database
Author Nando Dessena

f> If my database contains 50 tables owned by 'owner1' and 100 tables
f> owned by 'owner2' and 75 tables owned by 'owner3', etc - how can I
f> backup/restore so that the tables all have their original owners?
f> If this is not possible with gbak, it is useless for disaster
f> recovery.

Sorry, I completely misunderstood you. I was thinking about the
database owner, which gbak -c changes AFAIK. I always have a single
owner for all database objects, so my mindframe is quite biased.

I'm not sure what restore does of your original owners, but I guess
you are right and it should preserve them (a simple test would show,
unfortunately I am away from any firebird at the moment).

So, to recap: you had a database in shutdown mode but you don't know
if/when the gfix -shutdown command was issued. Then you brought it
back on-line but discovered that gbak had changed all your relation owners
to the one you used to do the restore, right? Can you reproduce this
with a small sample database? I'm sure the developers would be

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