Subject Re: cannot connect to a restored database
Author flpratt
--- In, Nando Dessena <nandod@d...>
> Fred,
> f> Statement failed, SQLCODE = -901
> f> Lock conflict on no wait transaction
> f> -database mbtdw.gdb shutdown
> weird. It looks like the database in in shutdown mode (which would
> explain why only SYSDBA and its creator can access it), but I can't
> say why. Perhaps your cron job shuts the database down before
> it up?
> Anyway, you can try to manually bring it back online with gfix -
> Ciao
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> Nando mailto:nandod@d...

The gfix -online worked!! I guess I should have tried that before.
Now I see that all of the table ownerships are wrong. It is
interesting that a backup/restore does not preserve ownerships. I
suppose that the ability to change table owners is useful, but I
would expect the default behavior to be preservation of ownerships.
Oh well, one more question. Can I fix the ownerships by updating

Thanks much,