Subject Re: cannot connect to a restored database
Author flpratt
--- In, "Florian Hector"
<FHector@w...> wrote:
> > When I do connect as sysdba, I am able to access the data, create
> > new tables, etc. The database refuses to work for anyone other
> > sysdba. Any help is much appreciated as I have people literally
> > standing around waiting on this. :-(
> >
> > FB 1.5 RC7
> Assuming all your users use the same credentials for login, than
it is likely that you restored your
> database using the sysdba's username and password instead of the
owners name and password.
> Florian


Thanks for the response.
I ran gbak -c as root and did not specify a user on the command
line. The gbak backup is run nightly by cron as root, the data
files were owned by root, so I just ran gbak -c as root to restore.
I'm pretty new to firebird and do not understand its security
model. There are just a few users who need to access this database
and it is 20gb, so is there a way out of this problem without doing
another restore?

Thanks again,