Subject Excited about future of FB
Author Lou
Hello. This may be a bit off-topic here, but I have been monitoring
the developers Newgroup for the past month and I am very excited to
see Jim Starkey, the original developer of Interbase diving into the
code base to create what he calls Project Vulcan. From what I gather
he is rewriting/updating some very heavy duty pieces fo system to
make FB happier in todays compute environment (Win32/Linux 32/64 bit,
single multi-threaded etc....)

If and when Vulcan is merged into Firebird, this beloved database
will continue to hold up against the heavyweights and best of all
still be Open source.

Of course I am sure the changes and improvements in architecture may
mean a few heartaches, but then that is the nature of change.
Someone once told me when it comes to change : Adapt, Migrate or

Anyway, looking forward to a very great new year.

- Lou

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