Subject Re: RC8 Install works but flops
Author bertchughes
> One is that you shouldn't have tried to "upgrade" from SS to CS.
What you
> probably have now is a mish-mash of scripts and symlinks pertaining
to both
> and a Merry State Of Confusion. The architectures are quite
different -
> you need to uninstall SS before installing CS.

Yikes!!! Fortunately, this is all happening on a test box. I didn't
realize you could uninstall Firebird, I've always just picked out the
pieces. I've never, ever seen rpm --erase <package> work. Always
says <package> not installed, I just assumed it's a permanent rpm
bug. I *had* to install CS, because I was upgrading php4, and
apparently you can't build php4 using the Firebird SS libraries. No
problem with php4 once I installed CS RC8.

So far, the most major problem I've encountered when switching back &
forth between CS & SS is that kinterbasdb (a python package) must be
deleted, then re-compiled & installed. Something about
(SS) vs. (CS).