Subject Re: [firebird-support] RC8 Install works but flops
Author Helen Borrie
At 07:56 PM 4/01/2004 +0000, you wrote:
>I've upgraded my FB1.5-RC6 SS to FB1.5 RC8 CS from the .rpm file
>(linux, Redhat 9.0) - This required using the --replacepkgs --
>replacefiles options, but otherwise the install ran smoothly. When
>logged in as root, I can connect to databases and query them using
>isql. I've restored the original security.fdb from a backup using
>All client programs fail with the message "Unable to attach to
>password database".
>On previous upgrades I've simply restored security.fdb (isc4.gdb
>before FB1.5) and everything worked.

At least three possibilities here (probably all of them):

One is that you shouldn't have tried to "upgrade" from SS to CS. What you
probably have now is a mish-mash of scripts and symlinks pertaining to both
and a Merry State Of Confusion. The architectures are quite different -
you need to uninstall SS before installing CS.

Your FIREBIRD environment variable may also be pointing to
/usr/local/firebird instead of /opt/firebird. The default location got
changed at RC 7.

Now (RC 8) it's harder to be an unauthorised user on Linux!! In RC 8, the
'firebird' user starts the server. Your client users need to be added to
the 'firebird' group in order to access databases. I haven't downloaded RC
8 yet myself, so I don't know whether there is a readme containing the
changes, but look for that in the installation directory structure somewhere.

Version 107 of the release notes, dated 2 January 2004, contains details of
the new Linux installation issues for RC 8. It *should* be available for
download from the IBPhoenix site within the next couple of days.

Contact me privately if you need a URL in the meantime...can't publish it
in the list as the file is in my private FTP space and can't take much traffic.