Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: what does fbserver.exe -r do?
Author David Garamond
Olivier Mascia wrote:
>>-b is used to boost priority (start the process with process priority
>>High instead of Normal). -r is used to start as Normal, but isn't that
>>the default already if -b is not specified?
> Yeah, those options are not well thought-out.
> Offering the -b mode is even not a very good idea (on Win32 at least).
> Unless very specific conditions are observed.

Yes, the only case I think of where this will help is when there is an
above-Normal process which hogs CPU, which should be rare. (Btw, I hate
the Win2k scheduler; when a higher priority process hogs CPU, lower
priority processes don't seem to get nearly enough time slices at all).

> On a very loaded machine, -b net result could help the process get more
> cpu cycles (or more often) than all the rest competing with it. This
> does not prove the server will be quicker though. As the overall
> performance depends on other subsystems, which can respond slower if
> there is too many demand cpu from a high-priority process. On a machine
> which is not high loaded, it won't make a real difference anyway (if
> you're mostly alone using the cpu, wether you have high priority or not
> won't things).