Subject Re: what does fbserver.exe -r do?
Author Olivier Mascia

On Fri, 02 Jan 2004 22:19:13 +0700,
David Garamond wrote:

> -b is used to boost priority (start the process with process priority
> High instead of Normal). -r is used to start as Normal, but isn't that
> the default already if -b is not specified?

Yeah, those options are not well thought-out.
Offering the -b mode is even not a very good idea (on Win32 at least).
Unless very specific conditions are observed.
On a very loaded machine, -b net result could help the process get more
cpu cycles (or more often) than all the rest competing with it. This
does not prove the server will be quicker though. As the overall
performance depends on other subsystems, which can respond slower if
there is too many demand cpu from a high-priority process. On a machine
which is not high loaded, it won't make a real difference anyway (if
you're mostly alone using the cpu, wether you have high priority or not
won't things).

Always remind that a well designed database system is I/O bound, not cpu

Best Regards,
Olivier Mascia