Subject "conversion error" problem, under UNIX
Author Menashe Sulkies
When performing the following command:

INSERT INTO volume (name,vol_id,is_snapshot_protected,is_snap,volume_size,vha,blocksize,line_size,mirror_vol_id,owner_type,owner_cc,stt_id,vol_state,is_sparse)
VALUES ('test', '545', '0', '0', '2147483648', '2', '512', '131072', '0', '4', '1', '3', '1', '0');

we receive the following error:

GDS Exception. conversion error from string "545"

The strange thing is that we receive it ONLY:

1. Using 'ibserver' under Solaris, but never under windows
2. After rebooting the system - Most of the time, it works well even after rebooting. The problem starts only after a reboot. (It seems as something does not get initialized...)

Any idea ?