Subject Re: Delphi, embedded FB, can't connect to database
Author marklauter
> >Duh.. I'm an idiot. I've got it working now. At least my
> >file will connect, but its not possible to connect in the delphi
> >design environment as far as i can tell.
> What *is* your "Delphi design environment"? (apart from Delphi,
> course). What db access components are you using to connect? Why
do you
> think its not possible to connect in the IDE, if the compiled app
is able
> to connect?

I think it is not possible because I can't get it to connect. Maybe
if I put the FB dll in the windows/system folder it would work, but
I have regular FB installed and don't want to mess that up.

> >db because I'm lazy.
> Can't work that one out...


> >I'm still confused about this. Even though I can connect, I'd
> >like an explaination of 'true local access'
> On Windows you have two sorts of local access: TCP/IP local
> (connection string like localhost:d:\mydata\database.fdb)
and "true local
> access" which (when running a server) is a hack that connects the
client to
> the server without using the network protocol. It's this latter
that the
> embedded server uses. It can't use tcp/ip local loopback.

That's a good explaination. Thanks. :)