Subject Delphi, embedded FB, can't connect to database
Author marklauter
I have just "installed" embedded FB and can't get it to work with
Delphi 5.

I have fbembed.dll version, renamed to gds32.dll and
located in the same folder as my test app. I chose gds32.dll
because the previously installed standard (and working) version of
the FB client put gds32.dll in the winnt/system32 folder.

I'm confused about 2 points:

1. The documentation says:
2.2. Database access

Only true local access is allowed. The embedded server
doesn't have any support for remote protocols, so even
access via "localhost" won't work.

I have no idea what "true local access" is supposed to mean.

2. I can't connect to my db no matter what I try to name the db.
c:\data\mydb.gdb doesn't work. I get "unavailable database".
/c:/data/mydb.gdb doesn't work. I get bla bla "Connection actively
refused by server."

I'm just trying to get a simple connection to work in Delphi with
the interbase connection object.

thanks for any help.