Subject Problem with Firebird, DBX, and IIS ISAPI
Author bziegler_yh
I just tried to convert my Delphi ISAPI application (using DB
Express) to use Firebird instead of Interbase. It worked fine with
Interbase - it was able to use multiple threads while inside IIS,
etc. But when I switched over to Firebird, it stalls out on the 2nd
or 3rd connection, making me think there might be a threading issue
with fbclient.dll?

To convert the app from Interbase to Firebird, I edited the SQL
Connection property to point to the Firebird server and filename. I
also set the client library to "fb-gds32.dll". I copied the Firebird
gds32.dll into system32\fb-gds32.dll, and copied fbclient.dll into
the system32 directory. Note I did this because some of my other
ISAPI apps still use Interbase (on a different server than the
Firebird server). Would there be any conflicts with that?

Am I doing something wrong? Does Firebird not work with DB Express?
Any known issues here?

Thanks in advance,

Some other notes: I am properly openning a new connection to the
database in each ISAPI thread that gets created.