Subject RE: [firebird-support] FB 1.5 RC6 linear slowdown
Author Compard Qld Corp
Hi Rajesh

I have been reading this discusion with interest.

We have the same behaviour, the users tell us the application slows up
as the day progress.
As far as I can tell the only tuning you can do is a backup and restore.
We have done this but we have the same problem.
Our PHP application is running on Apache and we have common OS Win XP
I don't have a win 2000 server box but will be making it up. I suspect
Win XP. The XP box is a 2 GHZ athlon with 1 GB

Firebird is also new to me and looks to be a great db. I have been
building data base apps for the last 20 years and this has got me


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Hi Martijn,

Martijn Tonies wrote:

>These are the transaction counters.

>Is this while the database is slow?
Yes and FB is slowing down even more as we speak. When we started out
with a clean Database, one request used to take 19 secs (as compared to
9 on MySQL). Now after 300 requests it takes 60 Secs. MySQL processed
5000 sequential requests with no visible degradation and oracle
processes the same number without degradation either.

>Many times when someone complains his app is slow, it's
>because there are long running transactions, causing
>lots of garbage/transaction information to be kept...
There are long running transactions...but the length of the transaction
is per not more than a minute.

>If these counters are from a time while your db app is
>slowish, then this isn't the case...
One thing I did notice is that our application (or JBoss container)
acquires 100+ locks per request. I dont know if this is normal never
having used Firebird before.


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