Subject DSQL statement
Author Sabotto Massimo
Hi all of you,
This is my first message to this news-group.
I've some problems on executing INSERT statements into a FB1.5RC5 service.
A little description:
I've defined a table with few columns for a little test application. The
primary key is a field called "ID" of type INTEGER (NOT NULL).
When I setup an XSQLDA structure and fill in the fields with values for
execute an INSERT query, I get all going well. After execution I performed a
SELECT query to see the new row, but something strange appeared: the two
columns with INTEGER and SMALLINT data-type were filled with a 0 on each
So I searched for a bug on my code, but did not find.
I changed the two columns data-type to DOUBLE PRECISION and it worked! (I
also changed my code too for SQL_DOUBLE).

I also compared my code with examples distributed with FB and IB, but they
seem to be equal.

What I'm doing wrong?
Any suggestion?

Here are few lines of my code:

XSQLDA* psqlda = NULL;
ISC_LONG docid = 1;
ISC_SHORT docid2 = 2;
// INTEGER column
psqlda->sqlvar[0].sqldata = (char*)&docid;
psqlda->sqlvar[0].sqltype = SQL_LONG;
psqlda->sqlvar[0].sqllen = sizeof(docid);
// SMALLINT column
psqlda->sqlvar[1].sqldata = (char*)&docid2;
psqlda->sqlvar[1].sqltype = SQL_SHORT;
psqlda->sqlvar[1].sqllen = sizeof(docid2);

Thank you in advance