Subject Re: SubQuery / SubSelect / Nested Query Support
Author solkrin
--- In, "Daniel Berstein" <dbz@s...>
> Indeed. A "derived" tables is what solkrin is talking about. Maybe
internally a subquery
> and a derived table are treated similary, but from SQL's semantic
point of view they are
> two different thing.
> A derived table is, if you have imagination, an unnamed view. A
derived table helps to
> establish the universe of rows from where the result should be found.
> Joins, where clauses and subqueries draw the imaginary boundary of
what records of
> the universe are in the result.
> Regards,
> Daniel Berstein.
> On 26 Sep 2003 at 17:54, Leyne, Sean wrote:

Thank you for all the respone. Derived tables helps alot in my search
queries now. :)

Can't wait to see 2.0 release canditate. ;)

Have a nice day all....