Subject What does embedded mean?
Author Brandon Smith
When I first saw the term, my assumption was that this is a version
of the Firebird server that can be compiled right into an
application .exe. This is what "embedded database" means when you
look at some of the BDE alternatives that have come out over the
years for Delphi. Topaz, for example, increases your .exe size by
several hundred or thousand bytes, but enabled you to have pretty
much complete dBase type database support within your exe, with no
external dll, or anything else to deploy, etc.

If Delphi were my application language and I wanted to "embed"
Firebird in my app, what would I end up with? A single exe? A
single exe with "dedicated" dll? Would it still require installing
Firebird as a server, or would all the functionality be in
the "embed"?

Brandon Smith