Subject Re: Firebird embedded on Unix?
Author H. Liao
Hi Dimitry,

Thanks for your useful help.

After installing autoconf, libtool and running,
everything was fine until I started make. First I encountered an
error compiling config_root.o. I found the last line of
builds/posix/make.defaults needs to be changed:

PLATFORM_PATH ?= jrd/os/posix should be changed to
PLATFORM_PATH = jrd/os/posix

Later there was another error when
compiling ../temp/libfbstatic/jrd/jrd.o:

In file included from ../src/jrd/jrd.cpp:72:
../src/jrd/log.h:46: error: syntax error before `*' token
make[2]: *** [../temp/libfbstatic/jrd/jrd.o] Error 1

However, the whole make process is very smooth on our Linux box.
I'm still trying to resolve the problem on Solaris.


> ./
> make