Subject Firebird embedded on Unix?
Author H. Liao

We are going to change our database backend. It needs to be
embedded, so Firebird is preferred. Our appliaction runs on Unix
(mostly Solaris) and Windows. In 1.5RC6, only Win32 binaries are
provided. I want to make sure the embedded server for Unix is also
available in the final release. I've downloaded the CVS tree. It
seems ok because there are, etc. in builds/posix.

Can anybody kindly tell me that:

1) Will the embedded server be available for Unix platform in 1.5?

2) How can I build 1.5RC6 CS/SS/embedded for Solaris from the CVS
tree? (I can't find "configure" or "Makefile" there.)

3) About when will Firebird 1.5 be released? Is RC6 the last
release candidate?

Thanks in advance.

from Taiwan