Subject Re: migration corrupts database
Author horstphil
--- In, "Pablo Lerner"
<plerner@s...> wrote:
> Hello all...
> I'm running Firebird 1.02 on Win 2000 on a dual Xeon server.
> I've written a program in Visual FoxPro wich migrates data from
free dbf
> tables to an firebird database. Migration process runs on the same
> and ends without problems, deleting all data before inserting
anything, and
> taking about 2 1/2 to 3 hours. But database appears corrupt when it
> finishes(database at this point is about 180 Mbytes).

Hi Pablo,

I am behind in my reading, so I just read your message of Sept 19. It
caught my eye since I too have written a conversion from VFP free dbf
tables to firebird 1.02. Except my conversion program is Delphi 6,
not VFP.

I don't have specific ideas for you, but wondered if you are aware of
the web site where you can search

Out of curiosity I searched savepoint ^interbase and got a lot of
hits. Perhaps there would be some helpful clues for you there. I
don't know enough details of your situation to know if that would
solve your problem.

hth. . . .
Phil Horst