Subject Re: Accessing FB from DOS?
Author peter_jacobi.rm
Hi Frank, All,

In, Frank Schlottmann-goedde wrote:
> The only way I could think of is to check whether you can use FreePascal
> Not too much hope though :-(

I should have made clearer, what I'm missing.

I expect to use to OpenWatcom C/C++ compiler (but I would
consider using FreePascal, if it makes things better).

What's missing is the layer that translates FB API calls
of some sort into wire protocol and forward this to
the Packet or NDIS driver of the Ethernat card.

And as there are no Dlls, this must be compiled in.

I assume, theoretically, I would have only to grab the
FB source tree for the client Dlls and make 'some minor
porting' changes. Hmmmm.

Peter Jacobi