Subject Re: Firebird Installation Problems
Author jrodenhi
--- In, Helen Borrie <helebor@t...>
> Possibly you have a broken setup for the client libraries. For
> these existing client apps, you need to have *both* the gds32.dll
> fbclient.dll that are in the installation kit in your system
directory. At
> this stage, I suggest the following:
> 1. Check in your system directory that both dlls are there.
> 2. If so, look at the property sheet of gds32.dll. It should show
a File
> version number, Product version and Special
> description 'Firebird SQL server Release Candidate 6'.
> 3. If not the above, then rename gds32.dll to something like gds32.
> and copy over the two dlls from the /bin directory of your Firebird
> installation.
> If the rename and copy won't work, it means gds32.dll is already
loaded and
> you'll need to reboot in safe mode to do this stuff.
> heLen
Thank you for your prompt and detailed reply. I checked my
\WINNT\System32 directory, found an older version of gds32.dll there,
but no fbclient.dll. I renamed the gds32.dll to gds32.dll.old as
suggested. It worked fine without a reboot. For good measure, I
stopped, the Firebird Guardian and the Firebird Server, ran instsvc
remove, instreg remove, instreg install and instsvc install, and then
restarted the Firebird Server. At that point, Firebird Guardian
not run, I assume because it is not needed on a Win2k machine and I
starting to get things closer to being correct. I rebooted and
attempted to run IBSQL. Still got the same error.
At, I see that a runtime 217
at program initialization could be caused by these problems:

- unexpected date formats

- disk or registry accesses where the user has not sufficient

- BDE Net Dir mismatches

I don't know why the first would happen here if it does not happen at
my computer at work. I log in in the Administrator's group. BDE
seems unlikely. So I am still lost. I hope I can rely on you for
more help.

Thank you again.