Subject DB/OO Modeling
Author Martin D. Berezaga
I don't know if what I'd like to do is viable using the tools available out there.

Usually, as many developers do, I create my database models using ERD (Entity Relationship Diagram) After that, in my applications I access the database through dataset components. That's the tradittional way, I guess.

In my apps, I always tried to favor OO aproaches, like visual and componentes inheritance, etc... So, I'm confortable on using OO techniques.

But I'd like to model my database on a OO approach too. For example, creating tables hierarchy, creating inheritance of flieds or triggers from one table to another.

I guess there are tools and techniques than can be more appropiate to that approach.

For information, I'm using Firebird 1.5 + Delphi 7 + ModelMaker + IBO.
I'm thinking on change my 2-tier (client-server) apps to 3-tier, possibly using the ASTA components.

Someone could comment the subject above?.

Martin D. Berezaga
Porto Alegre - RS - Brasil

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