Subject Re: [firebird-support] fb1.5 embedded & remote connections
Author Helen Borrie
At 05:20 PM 17/09/2003 +0200, you wrote:
>H> For embedded, there cannot be a hostname. It must be just
>H> DISK:\path\to\database.fdb
>read the subject line and if it's not enough, the initial post.
>I should definately learn to quote more! <g>

Yep, and I should read back. <g>

An interesting corollary to this question (obvious if I'd thought about it
when playing about with embedded):

I have a test embedded app set up currently on my notebook. The
application exe happens to be IB_SQL and I'd already proven to myself that
embedded worked as expected.

Following up on this thread, I flashed up the embedded server and selected
the Datapump utility from the running IB_SQL.exe. I hooked up the "other"
database connection (source or destination, depending on what I want to
pump to what) to a test db on my running Fb 1.5 server. Hey, no problems
pumping data in either direction.

Since IBO's "one-way, either-way" simple replication components similarly
exploit Fb's XA capability, albeit with more grunt, embedded can be seen as
having given us a huge marketing weapon in a very small package.

Isn't it ironic that DBMS marketers do much chest-thumping about the
upscalability of their software? In these days of distributed computing,
WE should start hollering about how elegantly Firebird "scales" both up and
down - simultaneously, seamlessly, painlessly and with all options open.

Embedded gives us the ability to write a go-anywhere application that can
run stand-alone in the coalmine and simultaneously plug in seamlessly to
the corporate network on the other side of the world for updating either
way. And all of this using a 1.5 Mb binary.

"SQL Everywhere", anyone?