Subject Udf and FB 1.5 embed
Author pirattayg
I have created a database with FB 1.03.
I have some external UDF's (rFunc)
I use the DOW function on a Stored Procedure.
With FB1.03 ALL works fine.

Now, i try to use FB 1.5 RC5 embed. (i disconect FB1.03)
I have set the rootDirectory to the renamed gds32.dll
and UdfAccess = Restrict udf (i have tried full path too).
In \udf i have the rfunc.dll file

Now, my application works too; i can insert, update and delete.
But when i call my S.P., i get the next error:

Invalid token
Invalid request BLR at offset 249.
Function DOW is not defined.
module name or entrypoint not be found.

I know that this is wrong, but if i change to
UdfAccess = Restrict \udf
i get this error:

Unsuccessfull execution caused by a system error that precludes
successfull execution of subsequent statements.
Access to UDF library "rfunc.DLL" is denied by server administrator

Anybody can help me?