Subject IMPORTANT :: Firebird 1.5 field-testing
Author Helen Borrie
To those using the Firebird 1.5 RC field-tests:

please treat these RC ("release candidate") kits as field-tests, not as

It is very important that you do not bury problems regarding installation
and inconsistencies here in support. We earnestly beseech you to report
them in firebird-devel.

The problem descriptions presented here in support are generally very
poor. From a support point of view, the usefulness of a solution generally
has a direct relationship with the quality of the problem description. For
field-test problems, lousy reports are quite useless.

For either support or fieldtest reports, as a MINIMUM (besides doing your
best to describe the symptoms) include:

FIRST: a useful Subject. "Firebird doesn't work" is not useful.
1. the exact version of the server, including PLATFORM! and which kit you
2. the exact version of the client, including PLATFORM. For clients,
provide the build number if possible, since mismatched clients are a
frustratingly common source of "false negatives".
3. The platform environments of both.
4. The application in which the problem appears.
5. Any error codes and messages that are returned to the client.
6. Any log messages that show up in firebird.log. Please copy and paste
one example of such messages. If there are 100s of the same log msgs, we
do NOT want you to post all of them.

Note that, in general, SQL questions belong in support. However, if you
have queries that worked in earlier field-tests but stopped working in a
later one, then it is likely to be interesting to firebird-devel.

Thanks for your cooperation.